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Developer (Developer)


Reference : Developer

Salary : Market related

Job Location : - South Africa -- Gauteng

Job Type : Permanent

Posted : Friday, November 09, 2018

Closing date : 31 Dec 2018 23:59

Oversees a wide range of software and systems development, deployment and operation for clients who are mainly in the telecoms and technology space.

We typically work in the context of core telco OSS/BSS systems, but with focus on making products and business operating capabilities work, which means we often are more concerned with how systems align, orchestrate and integrate to achieve business outcomes than any single point solution. We build systems that make fixed and mobile telecoms services work for the consumer and enterprise markets.

Software developers, architects, analysts and operations teams need capabilities and skills across the full stack of systems development and integration activities - front end, back end, middleware, integration, etc.

We architect, develop and operate various in-house systems (such as the main service provisioning and workflow automation system for a large EBU) as well as work with existing software / vendor solutions (e.g. CRM, billing, performance and fault management systems, order management, etc.)

Special secret: We not only develop software for clients, but are also building a next generation telco: bringing together SDN techniques and the power of true cloud approaches to broker, provision, assure and manage services targeting the enterprise market in completely new ways. Our core approach will be to combine SD WAN and a range of access services with cloud-based everything else, and to enable the way clients buy, develop, deploy and operate the services and applications they need to be completely different.

Ways of working

We implement systems on both agile and waterfall methodologies, depending not the nature of the client requirements, however strongly encourage agile and dev ops modes of operation, particularly for software we build and manage ourselves.

We encourage cross-domain working and learning in teams with a range of skills, and developers who do well have an approach which typically:

  • understands or shows awareness of business requirements and system requirements (we don't develop in a vacuum)
  • can function in a range of development languages and contexts (it's not the language or framework so much as the application of code in some context for an outcome)
  • have a good understanding of system architecture, development and maintenance approaches, and how they relate (thinking with different hats enables better understanding, better code and better outcomes)
  • functions well within teams, and though teams can range from 2 - 4 people they scale to operations areas of 30+.

What to expect

Focused on the TMT (telecoms, media, technology) domain and so understanding or awareness of the business, services and approaches to systems development is useful but not required.

We are looking to build and expand the core dev ops teams and approaches. We believe software and systems development is core to future telco and communications markets.

Even for work that is mainly client focussed, we encourage creating applications and services outside of that, both for other areas of the company and for yourself. We believe the creativity and practice of building things is fundamentally useful.

We have a strong learning development focus, and have a large program to develop young talent. Involvement with those efforts is often rewarding!

Contact information

Sasha Hermann