Provisioning Team Supervisor job in Midrand (Team Supervisor) Openings at Jurumani Solutions

Provisioning Team Supervisor (Team Supervisor)


Reference : Team Supervisor

Salary : Market related

Job Location : - South Africa -- Johannesburg Metro -- Midrand

Job Type : Permanent

Posted : Friday, November 09, 2018

Closing date : 30 Nov 2018 23:59

Overview & Role Description

The Provisioning Team Supervisor is responsible for provisioning, support, testing, quality assurance and problem resolution of a range of business unit products and any other product that the business unit may assign to the supervisor. 

The role of the Provisioning Team Supervisor will vary depending on business unitoperational requirements.

The primary function of the Provisioning Team Supervisor is to manage and guide, end to end, solution provisioning activities as defined in business unit processes and guidelines.

The Provisioning Team Supervisor may, when operational requirements necessitates / demands it, be requested to take responsibility for both business unitprovisioning and support supervision for specific periods of time. (Customer Service Request resolution and facilitation resides with the Business Support, Problem Resolution and Testing Function.)

Provisioning Team Supervisor the resource is involved in

  1. Provisioning; the provisioning function involves the process of preparing and implementing a solution as per the customer’s order requirement in accordance to the designed and approved processes, supported by relevant documented reports and feedback.
  2. Business installation support; installation support includes all activities and procedures to optimize performance of a customer’s installed solution to maximize customer satisfaction.  Installation support involves quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and service level agreement (SLA) management.
  1. The intent of quality assurance is to make certain that the product and service implemented for the customer meets the specified requirements of the customer in its entirety.
  2. Quality control ensures that the implemented product and service adhere to the defined set of quality criteria and meets the requirements of the customer.
  3. Service level agreement (SLA) management involves the monitoring and management of the quality of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the product’s operational environment.

Primary Work Arrangements

  1. Reporting into the business unit Operations Manager.
  2. Working in a business operational environment provisioning business solutions, checking for quality and accuracy and developing planning, feedback and reporting artefacts aligned to the provisioning life cycle.
  3. This role will coordinate closely with business stakeholders such as Product Management, Sales, Account Management, Solution Architecture, third-party suppliers and Project Management Office (PMO) while virtually leveraging subject matter experts from any needed technical or business area.
  4. This role will collaborate with business constituents, project teams and Information Technology systems support, and other support team members as needed to fulfill the responsibilities.
  5. The Provisioning Team Supervisor will be required to work with support teams to ensure that all criteria of successful and complete business provisioning are fulfilled. 
  6. The nature of this work generally demands a reasonable level of proficiency in the provisioning aspects of telecommunications type products and services, as the role may involve gathering and verification of requirements, generation of provisioning plans and feedback to both the PMO and customer in accordance with agreed key performance indicators (KPIs), operational level agreements (OLA s) and Service level agreements (SLAs). 
  7. The ability to maintain rigorous compliance with project deliverables and industry standards is imperative.

Key Responsibilities & Activities

Key responsibilities of the Provisioning Team Supervisor include but is not limited to:

  1. To carry out provisioning, installation support or other tasks as agreed with the business unit line / senior manager.
  2. To undertake all business unit provisioning related activities in support of the business requirements for the provision of new and enhanced business unit customer solutions, this includes provisioning fall-out management. 
  3. To undertake quality assurance (QA) and control checks during provisioning activities to ensure appropriate customer business unit set-up, delivering a solution fit for purpose, consistent, and compliant with standards and guidelines.
  4. Ensure customer business unit solution modifications (i.e. changes, upgrades and new functionality modifications) are fully regression tested and delivered on schedule.
  5. To attend meetings and scoping sessions comprising customer, business and technical representatives to cover planning, scoping and preparation activities.
  6. Rigorous planning and execution of provisioning activities with feedback according to documented OLA s and SLA s.
    1. Do customer requirement and / or problem verification and prioritization.
    2. Translate customer requirements and specifications into documented provisioning plans and actionable steps.
  7. Perform manual regression testing of the customer’s implemented business unit solution.
  8. Monitor task execution and ensure results are recorded and feedback provided.
  9. Co-ordinate testing and re-testing of implemented business unit solution defects (fall-out) and issues in an effective manner.
  10. Prepare and maintain relevant documentation (e.g. demand management schedule), including activity schedules, narrative and written reports, and visual progress charts.
  11. Liaise with and assist relevant business unit support teams with planning, provisioning and testing activities, problem resolution and root cause analysis.
  12. Take responsibility for: time management; reporting and monitoring; risk management; issue management; QA and change management.
  13. Support other team members and associated IT and business resources as appropriate and when required.
  14. Do business unit solution handovers to customer and project manager on completion of a business unit provisioning activity.
  15. Continually update skills by learning new technologies and techniques relevant to the role.
  16. Participate in continuous improvement.
  17. Promote and advocate best practices within the team and throughout the business.
  18. Analyze daily business unit order and service request reports and ensure appropriate action is implemented to manage provisioning according to SLA s.
  19. Identify and define new process improvement opportunities.


  1. Oversee, validate and ensure delivery of business unit work activities of self and team in alignment with documented processes, policies and procedures.
  2. Oversee, validate and ensure, maintain and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of team.
  3. Oversee, validate and ensure the implementation and adherence to processes, SLA s, OLAs, KPIs and standards.
  4. Oversee, validate and ensure compliance to quality standards for all business unit deliverables (Quality Assurance).
  5. Oversee and validate adherence to involved policies of self and team.
  6. Oversee, validate and ensure progress status reporting and integrity (including dashboards).
  7. Oversee, validate and ensure documentation management for self and team.
  8. Oversee, validate and ensure the maintenance and enhancement of an integrated end to end business unit provisioning and support practice.
  9. Oversee, validate and co-ordinate the resource capacity for all business unit demand in cooperation with the business unit project coordinator.
  10. Provide business and functional team leadership.
  11. Manage the performance, productivity, development and wellbeing of own team.
  12. Ensure leadership and performance that is aligned with the culture and values.
  13. Ensure legislatory compliance and corporate governance.
  14. Support company performance targets.
  15. Implement Safety, Health and Environment Management (SHE) and enable a conducive working environment.

Key Activities

Key activities within the responsibilities of the Provisioning Team Supervisor include but is not limited to:

  • Meeting with stakeholders and users to understand the scope of business unit orders and service requests.
  • Working with business unit support teams and project managers (local and regional).
  • Identifying customer requirements.
  • Provisioning project planning with PMO.
  • Monitoring activity progress.
  • Supervise provisioning activities.
  • Business unit customer solution testing (UAT).
  • Writing and executing provisioning plans and reports.
  • Demand and resource planning.
  • Reviewing documentation.
  • Working towards departmental and project deadlines.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Providing objective feedback to support teams and line management.
  • Problem solving.
  • Working on multiple projects at one time.
  • Document analysis and communicating findings to technical and non-technical colleagues (Writing root cause analyses reports).
  • Liaising with support teams.
  • Manage escalations and urgent requests.
  • Analyze and understand daily business unit order and service request reports for appropriate action.
  • Execute customer requests within the agreed timeframes and internal quality standards
  • Ensure customer service level agreements are met and exceeded; ensure accurate completion of customer requests and follow-up to ensure queries are resolved timeously, as per service level agreement.
  • Provide effective, efficient and professional service to all our customers (internal and external), both telephonically and through written correspondence.
  • Consistent achievement of agreed productivity as per performance contract.
  • Display a customer centric attitude.

Education and Training

The following qualifications will be advantageous:

  • Matric minimum requirement
  • Project Management (Introduction / Basic level)
  • Certification / Diploma in an information technology (IT) type discipline
  • ITIL Foundations (beneficial)
  • At least five years proven supervisory / managerial experience
  • At least three years customer service experience in a technical role (essential)
  • Experience working with software solutions as end user / working with network solutions / telecommunications solutions and products
  • Proven experience in a customer facing function


  • ITIL Foundations (beneficial)
  • At least five years proven supervisory / managerial experience
  • At least three years customer service experience in a technical role (essential)
  • Experience working with software solutions as end user / working with network solutions / telecommunications solutions and products
  • Proven experience in a customer facing function



Contact information

Alicia McCulloch