National Leasing & Admin Manager (CharleneJHIRLiberty)




Job Location
- South Africa -- Johannesburg Metro -- Sandton -- Sandton City

Job Type

31 January 2019

Closing date
28 Feb 2019 23:59

Main purpose / objective of the position:

1. To ensure that optimal leasing processes, audits, and administration are implemented and managed to ensure optimal performance of centres for the portfolio under management;

2. Proactive management of lease expiry profiles of portfolios under management;

3. Ensure lease, legal- and related system administration is in order and data integrity of leasing information is correct.

Key Focus Areas:

Formulation of leasing, legal and admin process flow

  • Preparation of leasing, legal and administration process flow to ensure effective, accurate and timeous leasing process for each property under management

  • Training and monitoring each property under management on correcting leasing / legal / system admin procedure

  • Proactive management of lease expiry profile for the portfolio

  • Conduct research on rental trends

  • Ensure proactive marketing of vacant space and liaison with external brokers where applicable Source new concepts for the retail portfolio

  • Coordinating synergy within the retail leasing team to ensure benefit of collective negotiations with same tenant for different centres

Oversee lease admin of portfolio

  • General lease administration including assisting centre teams with obtaining signed leases

  • Assisting in the negotiation of Hybrid Leases

  • Ensure all renewal and new leases are timeously negotiated and professionally compiled within mandate

  • Manage and administer parking leases (monthly and lease based)   Is this not an Interpark function?

People management

  • Management of leasing consultants and external brokers where applicable

Tenant liaisons with key tenants and broker community

  • Maintain positive relationships with all tenants and brokers  
  • Compile and distribute vacancy schedule to all brokers
  • Maintain and grow broker relationships / Database


  • Provide support and guidance to retail centres on annual budgets


  • Coordinate and ensure proper audit of all requirements for finalisation of leases and ensure system data integrity is in place


  • Leasing and property management function and in general an  overseeing function on leasing of retail and commercial buildings



  • Matric

  • B degree in a Property related field


  • 7 to 10 years in a leasing environment

  • Staff management experience




  • Computer literacy

  • Negotiating skills

  • Numerically inclined

  • Ability to understand contracts

  • Sound knowledge of the legal context within which commercial and retail leases are negotiated

  • Excellent negotiation, analytical skills

  • Financial Acumen

  • Excellent business administration skills




Speaking /Verbal Expression

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

  • During meetings expresses his/her ideas and opinions so that others understand his/her point.

  • Clearly communicates with employees so they know what is expected of them.

  • Is able to say "just the right thing" to a variety of people so that they understand what is being said.

  • When speaking acknowledges diverse points of view/concern by explaining the rationale for exclusion.


  • Presented credible, believable evidence that convinces the customer

  • Uses different influence strategies with different people in order to get a job done.

  • Acknowledges and respects people for their contribution no matter what their level or position.

  • Persuades others that their needs can be met through the options that are being offered

  • Convinces others to adjust their views in order for all parties to derive a win-win situation.

  •  Is seen to have credibility in the eyes of others/executive and general management

  • Ability to elicit active participation.


  • Anticipates possible future problems and puts plans and actions in place to address these.

  • Anticipates possible future opportunities and puts plans in place to take advantage of these.


  • During tense and emotional charged situations, displays an inner calmness that helps restore balance to the situation.
  • During times of confusion behaves with a sense of personal authority and responsibility that creates order, calmness and clarity.
  • Explains ideas in a confident manner.
  • Maintains positional viewpoint without being dogmatic.



  • Judges situations correctly despite absence of correctly despite absence of some relevant facts.
  • Obtains consensus where applicable on proposed solution.
  • Analyses gathered facts before making decisions.
  • Evaluates the pro's and con's of possible courses of action before a decision
  • Demonstrates effective problem solving



  • Sets clear standard and procedures.
  • Provides the required resources, including authority, when handing over work to be done.
  • Uses delegation in order to provide challenging developmental opportunities for reporting staff.
  • Provides the appropriate level of support once work has been delegated



Contact information

Charlene Naidoo